Documentary Workshop in Puerto Rico


San Juan, Puerto Rico

November 16th to 19th, 2018
(Arrival on November 15th, departure on November 20th)
Stay in the main house close to the ocean with 4 nights accommodation included OR alternatively, you can find your own lodging and pay for the tuition only.

To confirm you are attending and save your spot, a deposit is required. We look forward to meeting you!


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DAY 1 – November 16th – FRI

  • Daytime – Shoot All Day
  • 5pm – Welcome Dinner
  • 6pm – Introductions With Portfolios

DAY 2 – November 17th – SAT

  • 9am – Storytelling In One Picture
    The Importance Of An Environmental Portrait
    Storytelling In A Series Of Pictures
  • 10:30 am – BREAK
  • 1:30 – LUNCH BREAK
  • 9pm – Portrait Review

DAY 3 – November 18th – SUN

  • 7am – Shoot Day
    Kirsten & Jenna are available for 1 on 1s discussing their projects back at the workshop house
  • 7pm – DINNER BREAK
  • NIGHT SHOOTING for Projects

For those that cannot shoot their project can work with Kirsten and Jenna regarding working with evening light

DAY 4 – November 19th – MON

  • 7am – Shoot Day (lunch on own)
    Kirsten & Jenna are available for 1 on 1s discussing their projects back at the workshop house
  • 1pm – Sequencing
  • 4pm – Processing of projects
  • 7pm – Dinner
  • 8pm – Slideshow & Party


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Is this just for family photographers?

No, definitely not.  This workshop is about documentary photography, telling a story through a series of pictures.  We will be examining the components that make for a strong visual narrative, both elements within a single picture as well as a cohesive series.  Every student will be working on a photo essay to be completed by the end of the class.  From ideation to execution, editing to the final delivery, Kirsten and Jenna will be there to help guide you through each step both in the group format as well as one on one.

What will we be shooting?

On Wednesday, September 20th 2017 Hurricane Maria, a deadly category 4 storm struck Puerto Rico.  It was the worst storm to hit the island of 3.4million people in over 80 years.  It is estimated that there were over 1000 fatalities, yet the official count is much less.  After the storm, 100% of the people were left without electricity.  It took months to restore just 50% of the power and will take years to rebuild all of the roads, architecture, agriculture, residential areas and lives that were left in total devastation.  Now, almost a year later, how are the people?  How did the hurricane affect it’s residents long term?  What work still needs to be done?  There are countless stories just waiting to be told on this tiny little Island.  Each student will be working on a story where, at the heart of it, exists Maria.

You are welcome to photograph a family.

You are welcome to photograph a business.

You are welcome to photograph and non-profit organization.

You are welcome to develop a conceptual project.

Will we have to find our own assignment?

We encourage you to do so, however, we are also able to find one for you if you prefer.  It’s up to you, you will be receiving a questionnaire that will allow you to choose how you’d like to go about your project.

Can we create a multimedia piece?

YES, you most certainly can.  However, you must be familiar with the software required to build and edit your work.  We will not be providing any instruction on Final Cut, Adobe Premier or any other programs that allow for multi-media handling.

Will Kirsten and Jenna be mentoring me in the field?

No.  You will be shooting independently.  However, during shoot days you can schedule one on one time to discuss your project, review your progress and go over pictures.  They will be at the workshop house working with students all day.

I see there are a couple of GROUP exercises.  Can you share what those are?

NOPE!  They are top secret.  🙂

Will anyone be seeing our final projects?

We are working on connecting with the community to see if we can host an event where all of your subjects may attend to see your work.

Do I need a car?

We do not believe it is necessary, however, please keep in mind that you will be needing to get to your assignment daily.  Taxis are available, however, it seems to be more affordable to rent a car.  The workshop will be held in downtown San Juan, right near the beach.  There are great restaurants, shops, convenience stores and banks all throughout the city and there are plenty of stories in San Juan.  You could also consider sharing a car with another participant and carpooling to your assignments as well.

Are meals included?

No, meals are on your own except for WELCOME DINNER on the first night and the FINAL DINNER on the last night.  We will have snacks and drinks available at the workshop house all 4 days.

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